This is the Story of the Neiphiti, the cursed tribe.
This is the Quest of the Ellichronrisen, the warriors who don't know time.
This is the Legacy of the Espers.

This is the Legend of the Phoenix.

Welcome to the Esper Realm.

The Phoenix Chronicles takes place across a wide galaxy, with many of its planets inhabited by espers, creatures born of spiritual and magical energy. Mortals with the special gift to commune with espers and spirits are called summoners, and their powers combined with the magical might of the espers have the ability to shape worlds and end wars.

Bahamut, the Eternal King of Dragons and Lord of All Espers, dwells on a magicorporeal plane called the Esper Realm, and from there his children tend to his worlds and the people living on them. The order of life, death and magic in the universe has been maintained by Bahamut and his espers for countless ages, but now a deadly twilight looms on the horizon...

If Bahamut's chosen warriors, the Ellichronrisen, don't find the source of the darkness blighting the worlds, Ragnarok will destroy the espers' kingdom and end the age of magic forever.

To complete Bahamut's mission, we'll need the help of lots of familiar faces: heroes from Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda, the Final Fantasy series and many more. The Phoenix Chronicles is an animated web series made in tribute to these video games that is 100% produced, animated and edited in the open source creation suite Blender.

The adventure begins here!



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