WIP 18-03-03

Got a quick update on my latest video project! Here's some of the stuff I learned in Blender in the past month:
- Want looping/cycling/repeating noise in your animation? Graph editor is your friend! Check the modifier tab and go nuts.
- Not only is strand primitive rendering not ray-traced, but it also won't have a depth (Z) pass that can be used in compositing. Luckily, there are...
- Material indexes for masking! Masking is a thing! Useful, yes.

The video I'm working on has three scenes, and (of course??) I decided to tackle the most difficult one first. The whole video is a big ol' test of my abilities and time management, yet I stay determined to finish it and find the oddest solutions to a LOT of odd problems.

I now stand in a long line of animators who want to tell flowing cloth and long hair to suck fat wang.


tags: WIP, gif


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