WIP 18-04-19

Arrrrrrgh, sound design. NOT my forté. Damnit Jim, I'm an animator, not an editor.
Ah well, gotta wear lots of hats to get this proof-of-concept out. I may recruit helpz later for, y'know, the noises and things. I do like the idea of using my personal YouTube channel to hammer out experiments on my own, in the meantime.

I got a trick worked out with *automated subtitles* that kind of sounds like a fax machine trying to bang a 1950's typewriter, but it's a facsimile of video-game-speak and is *weirdly appropriate* in that context. Hopefully it won't stick out too bad once I finish the music track.
Let's get back to talking Blender, though.
So, I love using particle systems for stuff, although sometimes Blender doesn't. I run into cases with (even baked-and-cached) particles that just like to *fly off the handle* and do whatever they like when you jump around the timeline. The (absurdly simple) prevention plan for this is to un-check their visibility in the viewport the second it's baked. This is something you'd want to do anyway, for better UI performance on a slow system.

Also: CLOTH SIMULATIONS. For simple meshes they're very nice--I even used one for Sister's ponytail in my last animation. The trick is to make a mesh with as little geometry as possible, make it invisible to render, run the cloth sim on THAT and parent your visible mesh to it (via one of the many fun ways you can parent meshes.) I managed to work a spline IK into that ponytail too, I think--I can't even remember how, now.

I'm increasingly disillusioned with IK rigging in general, however. The headaches I had with hair (and CAPES) in this project amounted to time wasted that I could have spent, I don't know, obtaining sustenance. Sleeping. Enjoying my life, maybe. I know there's very clever rigs out there that can switch between IK and FK, some with drivers--it's worth testing out. The benefits of IK rigs are obvious, especially once you start using constraints (to say, for instance, make an object pick up another object), yet for things that swish in nice arcs (and most animation is arcing movements) FK is still king.

I could make tutorials or something. They'd be full of swearing, though. CURSING TUTORIALS.


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